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HOME OF HOPE The Palliative Care Clinic at Pudukad,Opposite to the CMC sisters Convent at Railway Station Road ,Started Functioning From 9.1.2012 in a rented building and subsequently registerd as a charitable & educational trust consisting of 11 members .The activities of the clinic is controlled by the trust.The managing trustee & Medical Director is Dr. Jerry Joseph OFS

On Tuesdays and Thursdays every week ,facilities are arranged to treat out -patients .On completion of 2 years about 460 patients have been registered in this clinic .Except Sundays & public holidays ,home care & day care Services are available .Four patients can be admitted at a time for day care.Home care services are carried out as necessitated .Both these services are carried out by the collective effort of volunteers and medical staff.The treatment and medicines are given free of cost. This clinic is presently receiving the services of 25 dedicated volunteers who have undergone palliative care training . More over 2 staff nurses are working in the clinic . Patients affected by advanced ,progressive diseases including cancer,kidney failure and spinal problems are being treated and if needed water bed, wheel chair , crutches etc. are given with consent. The patients suffering from old age ailments are also taken care of.

After 9 months of functioning we could own a vehicle for conducting home care service .Our beloved volunteer Smt . peethambi and husband sri.Mohammed made a handsome contribution to purchase the vehicle for the memory of their only son Anoop whose accidental death shocked the couple deeply .The balance amount needed for the vehicle was borne by the Doctor . We acknowledge our everlasting gratitude to the couple for their whole hearted generosity. The vehicle is driven by a few volunteers .

The medical director Dr. Jerry Joseph is the son of Mrs & Mr . Pulicken Joseph at Pudukad . In addition to graduation in modern medicine , he has taken PG degree in Anesthesia . A part from that he won PG Diplomas in Hospital management and paliative care . After serving at Calicut Medical College for shot time, he went abroad and entered in a lucrative post in MOH hospital Qatar. After six years he left the profession on his own wish so as to serve the people of our country . He was offered better placements in some hospitals in Thrissur surroundings. The doctor declined all the offers in order to serve for patients in needed of palliative care . His merciful approach towards the patients is a cause to relieve their pains beyond the use of medicines . Dr Jerry Joseph abandoned even getting married for rendering his services to the patients in need.

With a vision to create awareness among the public regarding palliative care , classes are conducted at various places. people from different walks of life attend the classes .Apart from the services rendered in the clinic ,Doctor and the team visits old age homes at Anandhapuram & Marathakara and attend the palliative care clinics at Aloor & Kadukutty occasionally. More over he take classes at velur and Thrissur palliative care Institute . He is an active member of Secular Franciscan order & currentently national formator of the same . Frequently he visit the families of the deceased and give financial assistance to the deserving.

Generally doctors in hospitals opine that nothing can be done for the patient as the treatmeant,go invain and ask the relatives to take home the patient . Our concern regarding these kind of patients is much appreciated . We ask " if nothing can be done ,what is the purpose of bening alive ourselves ",and start giving possible care & comfort causing a sign of relief to the patient as well as the relatives . As the sufferings due to both physical & mental pain get reduced after treatment , they go home with a pleasant face . The service of a physiotherapist can also be arranged on demand . The dept of psychology at Prajyothi Niketon College at Pudukad offered their counselling service for those needed. This clinic is also a training centre for various certificate courses conducted by Thrissur initiative in palliative care.

On an average Rs 500 per sick person per month is required to meet the operational and maintanance expenses of this clinic . In the earlier months doctor borne the entire amount.But within a short span of time generous people came to know about the activities of the clinic and made contributions. The relatives of the patients also donate irrespective of their financial status. For the smooth functioning of the clinic , involvement and cooperation of all well wishers are solicited

with love & respect,
Executive committe
Home of Hope, Pudukad




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